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Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase

Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase

  • Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase
  • Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase
Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Jkongmotor
Certification: CE, ROHS,ISO9001
Model Number: PMG35
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 3-10pcs
Price: US$7.5~US$6.2
Packaging Details: with export carton . big quantity with pallet
Delivery Time: For samples , 7-15 days / For batch , 15-25days
Payment Terms: T/T , paypal , Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 100000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Nema: PMG35120-01 Lead Wire: UL1007 26#
Current: 0.4A Holding Torque:
Motor Length: 35mm Weight: 115g
Resistance: 30±7%Ω Inductance: 17±20%mH
No.of Phase: 4 Phase Moderating Ratio: 1/120
MOQ: 10pcs
High Light:

PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor


4 phase hybrid stepper driver


4 phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

12V 4phase 0.4A PMG35 Series Geared Stepper Motor
motores paso a pas
1.Brief Introduction of stepper motor:
This newly developed geared motor uses a molded planetary gearbox. Large reduction ratios can be realized in a compact size, along with high output and high resolution. The controllability that characterizes our PM motors has also been maintained, allowing for simplification of the system structure and easy handling.
The geared stepper motor is a combination of stepper motor and gearbox. As we know, the brushed DC motor will keep rotating if connected to a DC power supply. Things are different for geared stepper motor. It will convert the input pulse into a precisely defined increment in the shaft position. The shaft is moved by each pulse with a fixed angle. That means every pulse inputs, the rotator will move a step or rotate at a fixed angle. The rotating speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Therefore, you can control the rotating speed by changing the frequency of the input pulse, realizing precise positioning.

Working Principle
This product is an open-loop control system that converts pulse signal into angular or linear displacement. The amount of displacement can be controlled by adjusting the number of pulses, so accurate positioning can be achieved.
High torque, fast dynamic response, low noise, low cost
Drive Mode
Unipolar or bipolar, constant voltage drive
2.Genaral Specification of  PMG stepper motor:

Item Parameter Value
Step Angle Accuracy ± 7% (full step, no load)
Resistance Accuracy ± 10%
Temperature rise 80℃ Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min., 500V DC
Dielectric Strength 650V AC, 1s, 3mA

3.Electrical Specification of geared stepper motors:

Model Step Angle
No. of Phase Rated Voltage (V) Current per Phase (A) Resistance per Phase (Ω) Holding Torque (g·cm) Detent Torque (g·cm) Gear Ratio
PMG2505-01 7.5/5 2 2.6 0.52 5 450 < 150 1:5
PMG2505-02 15/5 2 3.5 0.365 9.6 500 < 150 1:5
PMG2510-01 7.5/10 2 2.8 0.467 6 1400 < 500 1:10
PMG2530-01 7.5/30 4 13.3 0.11 120 4000 < 1400 1:30
PMG3519-01 7.5/19 4 24 0.218 110 1200 < 2280 1:19.25
PMG3519-02 7.5/19 4 12 0.4 30 1000 < 2600 1:19.25
PMG3508-01 7.5/8.4 4 12 0.4 30 4100 < 500 1:8.4
PMG3530-01 7.5/30 4 12 0.4 30 15000 < 1500 1:30
PMG3560-01 7.5/60 4 12 0.4 30 28000 < 3000 1:60
PMG35120-01 7.5/120   12 0.4 30 50000 < 6000 1:120

4.Dimensions of PMG step motor: (Unit=mm)
Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase 0
Ratio1/120 0.4A 12V 10kg.Cm PMG35 Hybrid Stepper Motor 4 Phase 1
5.Common Problems and Solutions of PM Stepper Gear Motor:

Out-of-step caused by insufficient torque and failure of oiling bearing may occur. These can be solved by increasing the torque of the motor and using ball bearing. Our after-sale personnel will ask customers about the use of the products irregularly. According to the feedback from the customers, we will conscientiously sum up, learning from the successful experience and correcting the deficiencies.
6.Application of PM Step motor with Gear Box:

Permanent magnet stepper motors use a permanent magnet (PM) in the rotor and operate on the attraction or repulsion between the rotor PM and the stator electromagnets. Permanent magnet stepping motors are generally two-phase, with small torque and volume, and the step angle is generally 3.75 degrees, 7.5 degrees, 15 degrees or 18 degrees, etc. MOONS' PM stepper motors are widely applied in many innovative applications, including: computer equipment, photographic systems, optoelectronic devices, valve control, ATM equipment, CNC machine, automatic winding machines, electronic clocks and medical equipment.


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