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4000rpm High Speed Round Cover 8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator

4000rpm High Speed Round Cover 8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator

  • 4000rpm High Speed Round Cover  8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator
4000rpm High Speed Round Cover  8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Jkongmotor
Certification: CE, ROHS,ISO9001
Model Number: JK57BLS005
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 3-10pcs
Price: US $10 - US $16
Packaging Details: with export carton . big quantity with pallet
Delivery Time: For samples , 7-15 days / For batch , 15-25days
Payment Terms: T/T , paypal , Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 30000PCS/MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Brushless Dc Motor Speed(RPM): 4000rpm
Efficiency: IE 1 Shaft Shape: Round Shaft
Number Of Phase: 3 Rated Torque: 0.055N.m
Commutation: Brushless Motor Type: Brushless Dc Motor
MOQ: 10pcs
High Light:

8mm Shaft brushless dc generator


Round Cover brushless dc generator


4000rpm high speed brushless motor

Mini Brushless DC Motor BLDC With Round Cover & 8mm Round Shaft 4000 Rpm 36V 23W

Brushless DC motor itself is the electromechanical energy conversion part, it in addition to the motor armature, permanent magnet excitation two parts, but also with a sensor. The motor itself is the core of brushless DC motor, which not only relates to performance index, noise and vibration, reliability and service life, but also involves manufacturing cost and product cost. By adopting permanent magnetic field, the brushless DC motor can get rid of the traditional design and structure of the general DC motor, which can meet the requirements of various application markets, and develop towards the direction of saving copper and materials, and making it easy. The development of permanent magnet field is closely related to the application of permanent magnet materials. The application of the third generation of permanent magnet materials promotes the brushless DC motor to the direction of high efficiency, miniaturization and energy saving.


Specification of brushless DC motor

Specification Unit JK57BLS005 JK57BLS01
Number Of Phase Phase 3
Number Of Poles Poles 4
Rated Voltage VDC 36
Rated Speed Rpm 4000
Rated Torque N.m 0.055 0.11
Rated Current Amps 1.2 2
Rated Power W 23 46
Peak Torque N.m 0.16 0.33
Peak Current Amps 3.5 6.8
Back E.M.F V/Krpm 7.8 7.7
Torque Constant N.m/A 0.074 0.073
Rotor Inertia g.c㎡ 30 75
Body Length mm 37 47
Weight Kg 0.33 0.44
Sensor Honeywell
Insulation Class B
Degree of Protection IP30
Storage Temperature -25~+70℃
Operating Temperature -15~+50℃
Working Humidity 85% or under 85% RH(non condensing)
Working Environment outdoor(no direct sunlight),Non-corrosive Gas,
Non-inflammable gas, No oil fog, No dust
Altitude 1000m or under 1000m


4000rpm High Speed Round Cover  8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator 04000rpm High Speed Round Cover  8mm Shaft Mini Brushless Dc Generator 1


If you need a gearbox, pls feel free to contact me.

Gearbox electrical specification.


Reduction ratio 3.6 4.3 13 15 18 23 47 55 65 77 96 121
Number of geartrains 1 2 3
Transmission efficiency 90% 81% 73%
Rated tolerance torque 3 N.m 12 N.m 24 N.m
Max momentary tolerance torque 9 N.m 36 N.m 72 N.m
Max radial load(12mm form flange) ≤250N
Max shaft axial load ≤100N
L2 length(mm) 38 49.5 61


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Advantages of BLDC Motors


A BLDC motor with three coils on the stator will have six electrical wires (two to each coil) extending from these coils. In most implementations three of these wires will be connected internally, with the three remaining wires extending from the motor body (in contrast to the two wires extending from the brushed motor described earlier). Wiring in the BLDC motor case is more complicated than simply connecting the power cell’s positive and negative terminals; we will look more closely at how these motors work in the second session of this series. Below, we conclude by looking at the advantages of by BLDC motors.


One big advantage is efficiency, as these motors can control continuously at maximum rotational force (torque). Brushed motors, in contrast, reach maximum torque at only certain points in the rotation. For a brushed motor to deliver the same torque as a brushless model, it would need to use larger magnets. This is why even small BLDC motors can deliver considerable power.


The second big advantage—related to the first—is controllability. BLDC motors can be controlled, using feedback mechanisms, to delivery precisely the desired torque and rotation speed. Precision control in turn reduces energy consumption and heat generation, and—in cases where motors are battery powered—lengthens the battery life.


BLDC motors also offer high durability and low electric noise generation, thanks to the lack of brushes. With brushed motors, the brushes and commutator wear down as a result of continuous moving contact, and also produce sparks where contact is made. Electrical noise, in particular, is the result of the strong sparks that tend to occur at the areas where the brushes pass over the gaps in the commutator. This is why BLDC motors are often considered preferable in applications where it is important to avoid electrical noise.


Ideal Applications for BLDC Motors


We’ve seen that BLDC motors offer high efficiency and controllability, and that they have a long operating life. They are widely used in devices that run continuously. They have long been used in washing machines, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics; and more recently, they are appearing in fans, where their high efficiency has contributed to a significant reduction in power consumption.


They are also being used to drive vacuum machines. In one case, a change in the control program resulted in a large jump in rotational speed—an example of the superlative controllability offered by these motors.


BLDC motors are also being used to spin hard disc drives, where their durability keeps the drives operating dependably over the long term, while their power efficiency contributes to energy reduction in an area where this is becoming increasingly important.

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